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Marcus Hiles and Foresight

As companies look to expand their sphere of influence and create opportunities for themselves to increase their profit margins – primarily through finding cheaper parcels of land on which to construct offices and factories, warehouses and retail outlets than is available in urban centres – so is demand created for an educated and skilled workforce to follow them away from the cities and into the country. Marcus Hiles is known as being a visionary businessman, who offers opportunities for people with a strong aspiration  towards transforming their existing lifestyle.

Marcus Hiles, Dallas, Real Estate is a long time property developer. He  was one of a group of foresighted business men who spotted such a gap in the market for such a skilled workforce. His developments, such as Grand Estates Woodland, Estates at Briggs Ranch and Mansions 3Eighty, have all been designed to offer the resident all the comforts and conveniences of modern urban living, while being situated in economically prosperous and naturally beautiful parts of the country. The complexes offer amenities such as community clubs, bars, shops, wi-fi zones to work, health centers, mail rooms and medical facilities. No wonder then that people are moving there in droves.

Although some might see such projects as being slices of suburbia transported into remote locations, their importance to the local economies cannot be underestimated. Bringing a young, diverse, family-orientated group of professionals to an area can only have a positive economic effect. Local  businesses are thriving, and are thereby attracting new businesses to the area. The complexes are usually situated next to areas that provide excellent facilities for pursuing outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, bird-watching and running.

Many of the locations in Texas are also prime positioned for the golf enthusiast, being located next to some of America’s finest PGA designed golf courses. Whilst they offer the rural lifestyle in abundance, these complexes never drift too far into the wilderness. Most are located within driving distance of urban centres, should one ever get the taste to once again drink in the vibrancy of a big city. It is well worth searching through the Dallas news pages to appreciate Marcus Hiles’ vision because he really has successfully catered for the demand of a rising workforce with very particular lifestyle aspirations. His estates are eco-friendly, thoughtfully designed, adorned with modern furnishings and  stylish interior design. They are safe, friendly and welcoming communities- so expect to see many more people flock to such places in the very near future.

Marcus Hiles and Magnanimity

Western Rim Property Services is an ambitious company with a deserved reputation for luxurious, affordable housing coupled with a unequaled regard for preserving the environment, and supporting the communities wherever it builds. And it has clearly found the recipe for success if its extensive portfolio of over 25,000 properties is anything to go by. One of its very latest developments is The Mansions 3Eighty, which more than successfully realizes the vision presented by Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles, at its conception- to integrate a community culture with an environmentally conscious approach to sustainability.

Marcus Hiles provides luxury homes for Texans. This simple fact has ensured that the placement of such developments offers a rich variety of opportunity for people of all ages and interests. The Mansions at 3Eighty is surrounded by the rich culture of North Texas, and give the residents there a rare opportunity to thrive within a members-only world class community providing luxury with exceptional sophistication. Close to the fast-paced hills of down town Dallas, yet located in the beautiful nature surrounding the shores of Lake Lewisville, it offers the perfect balance of tranquil and private living with the opportunities and conveniences associated with urban living. It lies at the heart of all good thing Texas has to offer- world class beautiful golf courses, outdoor pursuits, vibrant and growing metropolises and the history and culture of an important state in the history of the US.

What is important in Western Rim property developments is that through design they can instill a sense of community and well being amongst the residents looking to integrate with others. The large swimming pool and children’s playground offer somewhere to relax and exercise for adults and children, and the 24-hour fitness center has its own personal fitness trainer for your needs. The heart of the community is the social club, which lies integral to the community events and celebrations, and offers a nice space with which to enjoy the big sporting occasions for residents.

The Mansions at 3Eighty embodies everything so important to the visions of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services. It encourages community, sustainability and luxury design to co-exist in a residential utopia in the heart of all that makes Texas a great place to live. You can find out more about the Marcus Hiles, a genuinely magnanimous and big-hearted person, on

Marcus Hiles and Modernity

Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is a man quickly carving a name for himself as one of the most innovative and game-changing property developers of recent times. He has been at the forefront of the astonishing rise in America’s self-contained, rural housing complexes, and has been tireless in promoting the advantages to professional, aspirational Americans of choosing a lifestyle that embraces the comforts provided by urban living, with the surroundings and natural tranquillity that rural destinations offer. Too often in the past the professional man or woman would be forced to live in a congested and overpriced urban conurbation, while only visiting the countryside for all-too brief vacations. However, modern housing complexes such as Western Rim‘s Grand Estates Woodland, Estates at Briggs Ranch and Mansions 3Eighty are part of the growing trend of self contained housing communities that offer the opportunity to live in regions of outstanding natural beauty while being close enough to major cities and towns to allow residents to enjoy the upside of city life.

To start with the communities are often gated, putting the minds to rest of those residents who fear criminal activity in the area. These complexes have their own health centers, mail rooms, cafes, wi-fi zones, parks and play-areas to name but a few of the range of features included in the properties. And of course, Marcus Hiles is no stranger to the success of such developments. He was quick to see that a sense of community and fraternity should be encouraged by the bars and community clubs which host a range of events and social gatherings. This is a place which has seen a diverse range of people come together from all professional, united in their taste for Eco-friendly, modern design and a very high standard of living.

Of course, what has helped these micro-economies thrive has been the movement of large corporations to the areas in which they exist. Companies such as Exxon mobile, Fox Network, and a host of technology companies set off chain reactions in such districts – attracting new businesses to the area and of course the necessary workforce. To attract young professionals and those with families, the concept of such complexes has been absolutely vital. Many have brought vibrancy and, perhaps most importantly, a disposable income that has had a very important impact economically on the wider community .

Not having to compete with the skyrocketing prices of most of America’s urban centers has also allowed the prices to remain affordable for the aspirational classes. Marcus Hile provides custom-built houses to the people of Texas. Those looking for modern furnishings and high tech household appliances in a secure area are seeing these complexes as an affordable alternative to living in city suburbia, whilst contributing to the development of a happy and solid community atmosphere. This for many, could be the future of modern American living.

Marcus Hiles and The Prosper Mansions

Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is well-known in the world of property development for his innovation and meticulous attention to detail. And with the completion of his latest housing development success, The Mansions of Prosper, those accolades are surely set to continue. The estate itself is located just north of Dallas, Texas, and is located in a truly stunning region of exceptional natural beauty. These elegant town houses are part of a growing trend to relocate from the city and live in affordable luxury communities set within the surrounding beauty of the countryside.

The success of Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles bears witness to their belief that a strong work ethos rules success. This attitude spans many years, and is the foundation on which they have become such a lauded name in the world of property development in Northern Texas. His projects are famed not only for their chic and elegant design, but also for the stimulation bringing so many residences to smaller areas is having on local economies. The Mansions of Prosper project is at the high-end of the properties developed by Hiles and his team, and so has attracted businesses eager to service the more affluent worker relocating to the area. This has had a wonderful knock-on effect in the rest of the community.

Prosper is a town which has thrived on its excellent education system, buzzing economy and opportunities for first-rate shopping, renowned restaurants and vibrant industry. The area lies in the heart of a region renowned for its sporting facilities – nearby Dallas houses the world-famous Dallas Cowboys and the up and coming MLS soccer team, FC Dallas. The area is also home to a variety of immensely popular and PGA acclaimed golf courses, helping draw a variety of sporting enthusiasts from all over the country.

So, any new property in this location is hot NEWS. And a Marcus Hile property is the hottest news in town.The houses and apartments are genuinely luxurious. Marble-adorned wood burners, Whirlpool kitchen appliances, 80-ounce custom carpets, Italian-marbled tiled entry- these are houses for those who want to live in a modern design paradise. The interior design is something special, and has been a focus of all Marcus Hiles‘ previous projects . He takes great pride in being able to place residents in an accomplished and elegant home, and recognizes the importance of a pleasant aesthetic environment on well-being and happiness.

Marcus Hiles – Grand Estates Projects by Western Rim Property

One of the most exciting housing development companies that have emerged in Texas over the last few years has been Western Rim Property Services. They have grown above and beyond many competitors – primarily by implementing a strong vision of integrity and environmental awareness, while at the same time maintaining the extremely high level of architecture and interior design that have made their properties so sought after for so long. Their latest venture, the Grand Estates projects, appears to have taken these elegant living environments to the next level by creating exclusive, member-only residential communities that have so far been unmatchable in terms of quality and stylish living.

The Grand Estates projects have had a lot of innovation and invention put into them. CEO of Western Rim Property, Texas-based Marcus Hiles, has been diligent in choosing locations, designs, and how to best integrate with the local community and environment. Sustainability and comfort are two such things never far from the property developers mind when beginning the projects. They often use the natural landscapes of the sites, to make the introduction of housing in the areas of natural beauty as seamless and as unobtrusive as possible. Not only does this please the existing local communities, but also upholds the company’s commitment to reducing their ecological footprint.

The communities offer an exciting array of facilities for residences, whilst remaining safe in the knowledge that they are in a gated community for like-minded people. All sites include a state-of-the-art health center with private personal trainer, an outdoor swimming complex, mail room, Starbucks cafe, on-site jogging trail, 24/7 maintenance to name but a few. Such features give the atmosphere of living in a luxury hotel, or ”Ritz Carlton” service as the company often refers to it, whilst retaining the privacy of living in your own personalized spaced.

The interiors give the feeling of living in a luxury New York down town apartment, with modern chic furniture and quality in all the details, from the granite work tops to the Italian marble flooring of the entrance ways. It is difficult not to feel like you are living the high life walking into such modern palaces. Western Rim also have a commitment to creating an integrated community, hence their desire for residents to use the communal social club. To find out more about the company and the CEO himself, have a glance at new Marcus Hile information on .

Marcus Hiles – The latest development in luxury Texan living

The latest project of Marcus Hiles and his booming company Western Rim Property Services is the Mansions on the Park. The experience of CEO Marcus Hiles has helped him oversee the development of 25,000 apartments, bringing exciting luxury living and economic prosperity the state of Texas. These residential housing areas combine elements of spectacular natural landscapes whilst being close to exciting and prosperous cities. Here we’ll take a closer look at what is making these properties the most wanted and desired places to live in Texas.

You can see the properties at Marcus Hiles, CEO at Western Rim presentation on slideshare. He and his partner and wife Nancy Hiles put a lot of effort into choosing the locations of their developments. Keeping a balanced mix of natural country space, for excellent views and the chance to pursue outdoor activities must be joined with being close to cities that provide the excitement and conveniences that many people want to be close too. The location is close to superfluity of excellent professionally designed golf courses, famous hiking trails and other outdoor activity hotspots. Not far away is the city of Houston. It has developed an exciting and buzzing atmosphere and houses an internationally flying airport meaning you ave access to your favorite holiday destinations.

Western Rim properties have become hugely contested over and desired by so many, but for what reason? It would seem one reason is their commitment to developing a social, safe and integrated community amongst those who live there. The community is tailored to reflect a resort-style experience, without sacrificing the privacy and comfort of having your own home. The Mansions on the Park includes a Olympic-sized swimming pool, coupled with a 24-hour fitness center with its own in-house personal trainer. The children’s activity center and playground also offer families the opportunity to meet the other residents and their families, creating a pleasant community spirit. The resorts also feature a business center for those who wish not to travel to far to work, a Starbucks cafe, and a social community room with HDTV for the community to host events and watch sport together.

The facilities developed here show Marcus Hiles and his companies commitment to creating an integrated community with the residential complexes. It offers all the security and safety of a resort, with the social elements of a small village and design quality of a chic and modern big city apartment. You can find out more about the company and their vision at Marcus Hiles Houston- Real Estate.

Marcus Hiles – The Environment and its the community

It is rare in this day an age to see property developments companies devoting such an emphasis on limiting the environmental impact of their developments, and commitment to cultivating and protecting the natural areas that surround the complexes. Western Rim Properties, led by the charismatic and visionary Marcus Hiles, are one company which stand out from the rest. Based in Texas, the business have made noticeable commitments in their projects to lowering their ecological footprint, and it can be seen it the attention to detail of design and architecture of the estates and mansions which they bring to the area.

Since the company’s conception a decade ago, Nancy and Marcus Hiles- partners in business and in life– have overseen the development of 25,000 apartments. And at no point in this fine portfolio have they sacrificed their original vision of integrity and sustainability on the housing complexes they complete. Their efforts to remain environmentally friendly and showing respect for the natural landscape has been widely appreciated by not only the residences of the buildings, but also the local communities, who prior to the developments expressed natural anxieties to the impact of such projects.

When looking for locations, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property maintain that they want to offer the residents the best rural living has to offer, with scenic landscapes and a range of outdoor activities, coupled with the accessibility to be able to get to urban centers such as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston- which between them offer some of the best entertainment venues in America. Fulfilling the appetites for both of these lifestyles remains integral to the philosophy of locating Western Rim properties in the right location.

When designing the layout of the complexes, the architects are encouraged to study the natural landscapes and try to integrate the buildings as naturally as possible in to the local landscape. Alongside this, all the buildings are built with weather stripping, reflective radiant barrier roof decking in the attic, dual pane low e-windows, and top of the range sound insulation. All the units are serviced by HVAC systems, which uses 39% less energy than the standard. CFL and LED light bulbs are used to further reduce energy usage, and all the landscape systems are designed using water conserving irrigation systems. By maintaining such high ecological standards, Western Rim can ensure the satisfaction of its residents and the local community. To find out more check out Marcus Hiles- Founder, Western Rim Property Services.

Marcus Hiles – The Great Estates of Prosper in the heart of thriving America

Adding to already vibrant and modern part of America, The Grand Estates of Prosper has introduced is located close to one of the country’s largest metroplexes. The architecture is a unique blend of sumptuous surroundings and distinctive interiors that will enhance any modern lifestyles. The estate is located 35 miles north of down town Dallas, one of American’s most beloved cities. The North of Texas is a vibrant area with a plethora of great activities to suit all ages, tastes and preferences.

Of course for the golfing community and enthusiasts, Texas has long been known for its selection of PGA approved and lush courses. Many move to this part of the world for this sole reason alone. Complexes like The Great Estates of Prosper have long been resided in by golfing enthusiasts from across the country. There are host of large venues such as Alien Events Center, Pizza Hut Park and Cine-mark Frisco Square which attract some of the worlds leading music acts from a variety of genres. Of course in Dallas the Cowboys remain one of the countries best supported sporting teams, and the rise of MLS in America has been helped in parts by the support of teams such as FC Dallas. It’s a sporting enthusiasts dream.

The complex itself hosts a wide-range of attractive and luxury facilities. The 24-hour high-tech fitness center allows you to work out around the clock, followed by a swim in the resort-style swimming pool along with its training deck. There are jogging and walking routes which feature fitness stop-points along the way, a club-room with sports entertainment to watch the big games unfold with other residents, and you’ll feel secure in the gated community.

All of this as well, before we’ve even mentioned the beautiful scenery that caresses the complex. One of the major selling-points for moving to these complexes is their situation to some of the country’s most scenic and stunning landscapes, whilst having all the conveniences of living in an urban environment.

The apartments are designed with the highest interior specifications, featuring the most innovative high-tech household appliances. The ceilings make for a spacious living environment, the furniture caters to the modern taste and the colors add to the relaxed and homely feel places like The Grand Estates of Prosper want you to feel.

Marcus Hiles News – Educate Yourself to Succeed

Any career in any market is bound to be fulled by education and knowledge at its core. This applies especially so in the real estate and property industry which is driven by experience and expertise, both of which are expected of anyone claiming to be an expert in the field. Learning about property involves studious research regarding economics, law and sociology in order to cover the majority of things that it touches upon. These days several universities have updated their courses and expanded their reach so that they can better educate about these things, and in addition many private academies have popped up too. One of the top businessmen in the field Marcus Hiles has made sure to have a background in education before anything else, and spreads this message to those wishing to do the same work as himself. Marcus Hiles’ triumph proves good education is the new name for success.

Marcus Hiles knew that he wanted to enter into the property field by the time he left high school and it was here that he set a path for himself in the future. This path could only have been followed through education and he made sure that he was able to get to the best courses available so that he could continue. Thanks to the support of his parents Marcus Hiles got into Rice University where he studied his hardest to make sure his degree could live up to his attitude. Marcus Hiles also worked on the side throughout his degree so that he could support himself, and he continues to have this independent and self supporting spirit today. He left Rice University with flying colors and entered quickly into the world of business where he learn t the ropes of property development.

Following on, Marcus Hiles now runs Western Rim Property Services, a business that provides high quality homes for Americans across the country that want a bit of luxury in their lives. Although he has many achievements under his belt Marcus Hiles always looked back to the time when he was learning it all for the first time at school or university. These experiences have enriched him and importantly encouraged him to help others along the way. In his team Marcus Hiles is revered as something of a teacher for his willingness to show others how things are done in the top property company in Texas. This attitude has benefited Marcus Hiles and the people around him who all aim to follow in his footsteps to success through education.

Marcus Hiles – From Rags To Riches

Some people take inspiration from their humble beginnings and use it to their advantage. One of those people is Marcus Hiles, CEO and founder of Pacific Rim Property Services. The son of a Texas inner city minister, he was forced to live in borderline poverty for the majority of his youth. He worked hard to get into university, and eventually received his B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, while also working a full time job. Hiles then completed his Masters of Business Administration at Pepper dine University in Malibu, California, before starting his own property enterprise. Since achieving his enormous success, he has made it a priority to give something back to the community in the form of various charitable donations of public and private parks and wildlife preserves.Western Rim and Hiles personally have donated to the general public over 59 acres of parkland with hundreds of 100 to 150 year old oak tress on the land along with artesian feed streams, parkland and lakes. All gifts have been anonymous but include the following, among many others: 44 acres in a northern Texas city, six acres in another northern Texas city, nine acres in yet a third northern Texas city. Visit the Conroe Texas Real estate by Nancy and Marcus Hiles

These donations represent well over several million dollars worth of land and an additional out of pocket $2,000,00 worth of improvements for the public to enjoy. We have also created well over a hundred additional acres of private park lands and permanent newly zoned open spaces in suburbs of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio for community residents and indigenous wildlife to enjoy. He also strongly supports numerous schools, children hospitals, churches and charities; locally, nationally and internationally. Additionally, Western Rim and Hiles plant trees at a faster rate than any government development requirement. This has the dual benefit of making the areas more beautiful, while also reducing the temperature of the earth by absorbing pollutants and greenhouse gasses by the ton on a daily basis while giving off tons of oxygen. Hiles’ ultimate goal is to increase the tree canopy on average in all the areas in which he develops. Last year, he planted 3,153 trees comprising 13,804 caliper inches. Over a decade, this will approach over 25,000 trees and 100,000 caliper inches in suburban Texas alone. Check out Marcus Hiles house here:

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