Marcus Hiles and Sustainability

The Grand Estates projects have had a lot of thought put into them. The development really does demonstrate that Marcus Hiles has a rare blend of vision and vigor, and has been meticulous in choosing locations, designs, and how best to integrate these with the local community and environment. Sustainability and comfort are two factors never absent from Western Rim’s mind when researching¬† potential new projects. They frequently make use of the natural landscape in which the sites are located to make the introduction of housing in these landscapesof natural beauty as seamless and as unobtrusive as possible. Not only does this please the existing local communities, but also underlines the company’s policy of reducing its ecological debt.

Marcus Hiles has ensured the communities offer an exciting array of facilities for residences, while remaining secure in the knowledge that they live within a gated community.. All sites include a state-of-the-art health center with private personal trainer, an outdoor swimming complex, mail room, Starbucks cafe, on-site jogging trail, and 24/7 maintenance, to name but a few. Such features give the atmosphere of living in a luxury hotel, or enjoying a ”Ritz Carlton” service as the company often refers to it, at the same time as retaining your privacy within your own personalized space.

The interiors give the feeling of living in a luxury Dallas down-town apartment, with modern  furniture and meticulous attention paid to all the details Рfrom the granite-surfaced work tops to the Italian marble flooring of the entrance ways. It is difficult not to feel like you are living the dolce vita walking into such modern palaces. Western Rim also has a commitment to creating an integrated community, hence their desire for residents to use the communal social club.

Western Rim Property Services is a success story. The company now has more than 25,000 properties in its portfolio, and is committed to exceed that amount in the very near future. Texas-based, Western Rim implements an unswerving vision to provide extremely high levels of architectural accomplishment and interior design, with a profound awareness of its moral duty to the environment. The company’s latest housing development looks to be the feather in the cap of Western Rim and its dynamic CEO, Marcus Hiles.For more on this remarkable man, please see,The Resume of Real Estate Entrepreneur: Marcus Hiles,’ on