Modern Homes Strike a Balance in Energy Creation and Conservation – Marcus Hiles

In the last thirty years, real estate developer Marcus Hiles has been making striking properties all over Texas. His goal of creating upscale homes combined with his immense knowledge of design trends and high demand styles has led to his tremendous success. This shift in the real estate market has affected what is expected of room partitions, exteriors and even the possible purposes of homes themselves: unconventional architectural developments have led to net-zero energy buildings that balance total energy consumption with the amount of renewable energy they create. Passive and active houses offer dual energy conservation processes for minimizing all heating and cooling bills. Other than this remarkable progress in construction techniques, these positive transformations are bringing more ease, space and light into today’s living spaces and redesigning the way we live.

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Marcus Hiles – Recommends Making Lifestyle Amenities an Important Consideration for Dallas Renters

The sole likeness that Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles may possess is being on the list of top 10 major cities in the U.S. Nevertheless, as mentiond by Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles, one may also discover that the particular population of every city have higher percentage of renters than of homeowners. In actual fact, more than half of Dallas population are staying in rental homes. Tenancy is getting ever more popular owning a home in America; half a million more renters are anticipated in the whole country each year through 2023. It was deemed that the rental choice is costlier than homeownership in terms of housing expenditures but it’s actually the opposite.What truly makes rental living better than owning a house is that it does not trouble the tenants with maintenance fees and substantial utility expenses that owners come across, even though the annual cost of the latter may be lower.

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Marcus Hiles Asks Dallas Locals to Think About the Lifestyle Amenities

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, convinces Dallas tenants to get the most value out of their housing dollars by looking out residences that offer resort-like amenities. “There’s no need to feel suffocated in a boxy apartment complex when you can thrive in surroundings that reflect the lifestyle you envision,” he states. Hiles urges potential renters to plan out services and facilities that correspond their interests. Animal owners could come upon properties that provide a private off-leash dog park, appropriate waste stations, and nearby pet-sitting services, veterinarians, and groomers. “Families with children should find developments located in superior school districts, and that provide on-property parks, playgrounds, and activity areas,” Hiles notes. Likewise, devoted golfers could step into communities that accommodate nearby course perks and have stunning golf course sceneries, while fitness enthusiasts might choose estates with state-of-the-art fitness gyms, ready access to personal trainers, and jogging trails.

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Marcus Hiles – Initiates Housing Developments Without Harming the Environment

Environmental conservation is a great passion of Marcus Hiles, a well-known Texas real estate developer. “I wish to reduce carbon footprint on the planet that is why I made nature an integral part in building communities,” he remarks. In the Lone Star State, there are over 15,0000 upscale rental townhomes and apartments that flaunt the philosophy of Hiles as the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services. Installing appliances with ENERGY STAR labels from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is paramount in his green building practices. Thanks to ENERGY STAR, a U.S. program launched in 1992, the country was able to reduce 283.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In Texas, the average citizen spends $1650 on electricity yearly as well as $400 on using natural gas, but through the use of energy saving appliances, their utility bills were reduced by 50%.

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Marcus Hiles Promotes Eco-Friendly Residences Across Texas

For Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, chic design and ecologically responsible housing go hand in hand. The revolutionary real estate developer has singlehandedly altered the Texas real estate market with his creation of luxury apartments and townhomes, always maintaining the highest standards when it comes to protecting the environment. With upscale rentals seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings, Hiles utilizes sustainably minded building practices and featuring state-of-the-art, energy-efficient amenities, that make modern elegance eco-friendly.

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Marcus Hiles – Shares How Texas Luxury Renters Achieve More Happiness

One of the best things in Texas is the developing market for deluxe living. Marcus Hiles, Western Rim Property Services’ Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, tells that the Lone Star State’s newly built rental properties are affluent in majority, allowing renters to make their lifestyle fancy. “For an escalating number of retirees, empty nesters, singles, and families, renting is just enough,” he states. “Through 2023, a yearly growth of a half million renters is anticipated to occur across the U.S.”

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Perks At Western Rim Communities

Marcus Hiles notes that luxury renters should spend that leisurely hours utilizing their community’s unique features and amenities. One neighborhood may be reminiscent of a resort, offering access to a championship golf course or an on-site spa. Another might feature an extensive network of nature trails, a lake, or a wildlife preserve. Residents of communities that offer chic urban living in the heart of vibrant cities like Austin or Houston enjoy easy access to local galleries, theaters, and restaurants. It is almost certain that luxe locales, such as those offered by Western Rim Property Services, have high-end fitness centers, stellar swimming pools, comprehensive business centers, and even personalized concierge services.

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Marcus Hiles Providing the Best Apartments in Texas

The best apartments and townhomes in Texas are available only at Western Rim Property Services. Marcus Hiles has been in the real estate business for more than 30 years and throughout the years in this business he has been able to find more than 15000 upscale units with high quality amenities for US residents. Whether you care more about safety, reserved cover parking spaces or swimming pools for rest and relaxation, Marcus Hiles has got you covered and the best part is that you can have all those amenities at reasonable prices. Find out more here:

Tips To Reduce Energy Bills By 50% by Marcus Hiles

As the temperatures soar in the summers, prominent Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles advises four tips to tenants and homeseekers to decrease their energy bills. As Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles follows these energy saving tips in every home he develops. He recommends windows with a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.22 to 0.24, such as the Cascade Low E Argon Gas Win Pro Series. As heat begins to transfer, old windows from the 1980s lose up to 100 times more energy when compared to a fully insulated solid wall. While older casements, transoms, and sliders are eye-catching, having modern windows and frames prevent air as well as energy leaks, cutting your heat loss by 75%, says Hiles.

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Marcus Hiles Offers Beautiful, Peaceful Homes

The luxury apartments offer beautiful scenery with backdrops of gorgeous hills and trees that create the perfect private space for relaxation. The complexes are often located near golf courses, trails, and other outdoor activities as well as the usual conveniences the city has to offer. Not only that, but the complexes offer first-class amenities like fitness trainers and even Starbucks on the premises. The apartments are designed around both versatility and elegance. Marcus Hiles owns more than 15,000 apartments and has more on the way. He takes care to implement environmentally friendly practices in his designs by using energy-efficient roofing and insulation, windows and many other features to help keep power consumption down.

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